Why matters of protocol and business etiquette should be apart of your professional image and your company’s business practices:

  • Your Image! As Mark David Jones, author of  Lead With Your Customer, would say “the front line is your bottom line.”  Employees are direct extensions of your company’s image.  Research by the UNC Kenan-Flager Business School has proven “Workplace Incivility Can Damage Your Bottom Line.”
  • People! Today, technology dominates the business environment, but it’s the people who deliver the service and product.  Which means, your customer relationships must be delivered with respect, dignity, and courtesy.
  • Competition! Differentiate yourself from the competitors with the business “know-how” of protocol and etiquette.  In today’s fast-paced, global world people and businesses are able to navigate relationships with a sense of confidence and authority have the advantage.

Training and Seminars

Whether you need an operational protocol training program, a “primer” for your executives, a professional diplomacy program or a strategic consultation, we can help.  Client training is developed as customized programs to meet the goals of the organization.

Protocol Training

Protocol is an important part of events, meetings, dignitary visits, and business development.  This interactive training is customized to meet the needs of corporate and government protocol officers, meeting and event planners, conference coordinators, and administrative executives.  Make every event a “memory of a lifetime” with detailed planning.

Seminar Content:  Precedence – Seating – Flags – Ceremonies – VIP Visits – Gifting – Security – Invitations – Administration Tools – Titles and Forms of Address – Military Customs and Courtesies – International Protocol – Strategic Planning – Event Management  – Companion Programs


Personal Diplomacy:  The Professionals Primer

Competition in the business arena is fierce and companies are looking for executives who can handle themselves in the boardroom to the reception room.   Success in the global work force requires both technical knowledge and personal skills that make a difference.  According to research conducted at by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute, 85% of your success is connected to your people skills.  Participants’ will learn tips and strategies that will set them apart from the competition.  Etiquette makes a difference.

Seminar Topics:  First Impressions – What Does Your Handshake Communicate – Eye Contact – Name Tags – Introducing Yourself and Others – Business Card Protocol – Netiquette – Cubical Etiquette – Body Language – Working A Room – Remembering Names

Succeeding in the Global Arena

Competition is today’s global business arena is keen.  Avoid embarrassing situations through an understanding of etiquette and protocol from areas around the world. A necessary program for professionals engaged in the international market who are required to communicate, negotiate, and network in the global marketplace.

Seminar Topics:  Corporate Business Etiquette – World Cultures – Business Attire – Forms of Address Global Communications Styles – Corporate Gifting – Strategic Do’s and Don’ts – Perspectives on Time – Gestures – Universal Etiquette

Passport to Dining

It’s just not a free meal.   How do your dining skills measure up when you are with a business client or dining for pleasure?  The business environment compels us to socialize and conduct business at the dining table more than ever.  President John Adams is quoted to say “When you want to make a good impression, it is wise to remember that good manners and social skills at the table are as important as your best negotiation skills in the board room.”  Let us make you feel more comfortable the next time you have a seat at the table.

Seminar Content:  Invitations and Responses – Introductions – Receiving lines – Host and Guest Responsibilities –Napkin and Silverware Savvy– Silent Service Code Navigating the Place Setting – Toasting – Thank You Notes – Hostess Gifts – American and Continental Style of Eating – Successful Business Entertaining  – On-site tutorial meal

The Military Diplomat…Working with the Military

Do you do business with military?  Let us customize a program that will help you understand the military culture and enhance your understanding of the customs and culture of our nation’s armed forces.

The Teen Primer…the Young Professionals Road Map to Success

Are you a Youth Coordinator?  High School Coach?  Together, we can create an interactive program to mentor your talented group for success with college recruiters and future employers.  Let’s make their first impression a lasting impression and set them up for success.

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